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August 15, 2011

Long-Tail Keyword Traffic

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Long-tail keyword traffic is one of the greatest traffic generators known to webmasters. What is longtail keyword traffic? Its all about random keywords that people search the internet with to find your website. Alot of this traffic is a single or handful of unique visitors per keyword. You can workout what keywords people find your site with using a website statistic tool such as google analytics. Google analytics shows you exactly where each one of your visitors come from(country etc) and how(search engine, referral site, direct traffic etc). You may use this information to your advantage by tracking the specific keywords that rank well but have few hits and going back to that webpage and optimise it a little better by adding in a few more sentences of content containing similar keywords as well as creating some backlinks, linking into the said page with the same keywords as anchor text. This may seem like alot of work but it can actually be very easy by using a wordpress plugin that shows some keywords that use to rank well but need some attention. Once you begin to see more and more traffic from longtail keywords you won’t know how you survived without them. In summary: Track your keywords and visitors. Optimise for good ranking longtail keywords. Use the wordpress plugin to save you time if you use wordpress for your website.

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